Health & Safety 


Health and Safety Policy Statement Responsibilities Arrangements

  1. Information. Instruction and supervision
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Consultation with Employees
  4. Equipment – keeping it safe
  5. Safe Handling and Use of Substances
  6. Supervision of food and beverage provision
  7. Staff training and competency
  8. Accidents, first aid and work-related ill health
  9. Disability considerations
  10. Monitoring

Health and Safety Policy Statement, we aim:

  • To provide adequate control of the Health and Safety risks arising from our work activities.
  • To consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety.
  • To provide and maintain safe equipment.
  • To ensure safe handling and use of hazardous substances.
  • To provide information and instruction on Health and Safety.
  • To ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks and give them adequate training in Health and Safety.
  • To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health and promote a pro-active attitude towards safety at work.
  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
  • To implement emergency evacuation procedures in case of fire or another significant incident.
  • To do our best to meet the needs of staffs and visitors with disabilities.
  • To implement lockdown procedure in case of emergencies.
  • To review and revise this policy as necessary and on an annual basis Our Fire Safety Policy forms a part of this Health and Safety Policy Document.

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All employees have to:

  • Co-operate with their line managers and the Health and Safety Officers on health and safety matters.
  • Not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their Health and Safety.
  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety.
  • Report all health and safety concerns to an appropriate person as detailed in this policy document.


  1. Information, instruction, and supervision
  • The health and safety law posters are displayed: in Pallman Ltd the staff room and working environment.
  • The health and safety posters for safe manual handling and for safety for computer operators are: in Pallman Ltd in the admin office. NB Staff who regularly use computers as part of their job are entitled to free eye tests paid for by the Pallman Ltd.
  • The Certificate of Employers Liability Insurance is displayed on the Pallman Ltd in accordance with HSE40, and in the admin offices. The original copy is filed in the Finance Manager’s Office.
  • Health and safety advice are available from the Director and from the Health and Safety Officers.
  1. Risk Assessment
  • Risk assessments are carried out and recorded for all events that might pose a possible risk for staff.
  • Risk Assessments have been undertaken the Social Co-ordinator and the findings of the risk assessments are reported to the Director and the Finance/Business Manager.
  • Action required to remove/control risks will be approved by the Director and the Finance/Business manager implemented by the Health and Safety Officer/Social Coordinator. The Finance/Business manager is responsible for checking that the implemented actions have removed/reduced the risks.
  • There are copies of the risk assessments on the Pallman Ltd Drive.
  • Blank copies of risk assessment forms can be found in the Pallman Ltd offices.
  • Copies of risk assessments will be taken on all out of working activities by the activity leader so that they are aware of the possible risks and preventative measures they can take. If the activity leader notices that there are additional risks not already recorded, then he/she should report this to the Health and Safety Officer / Social Coordinator who will amend the risk assessment after consultation with the Principal.
  • Staff/Student ratios are maintained in accordance with the Social Programme outline which can be found at S: Policies and procedures masters\Social Programme Outline.
  • Risk assessments are undertaken for all the Pallman Ltd working environment’s properties both owned and rented as follows (Overseen by the Finance/Business Manager):
  1. Consultation with employees
  • Consultation with employees and the provision of information is provided by the Health and Safety Officers in Pallman Ltd.
  • The Health and Safety officers, Principal and Finance/Business Manager aim to meet every quarter. The meeting is arranged by the Finance/Business Manager and minutes are recorded. The Health and Safety Officers advise the Fire Marshals if there have been any changes to procedures.
  1. Safe Equipment
  • The persons responsible for identifying all/any equipment needing maintenance are: the Principal, the Director, the Directors of Studies, the Health and Safety Officers and the users of the equipment, such as the warehouse and general staffs or administrative staff.
  • The person responsible for ensuring that effective maintenance procedures are drawn up is the Principal.
  • The persons responsible for ensuring that all identified maintenance is implemented are the Health and Safety Officers.
  • Any problems found with equipment should be reported to your line manager or to a Health and Safety Officer.
  • The person responsible for checking that all new equipment meets health and safety standards before it is purchased is the Principal.
  • Health and Safety Equipment is not to be taken off-site without the authorisation of the Health and Safety Officer or the Principal.
  • PAT testing on all electrical devices is carried out as deemed necessary by the Health and Safety Committee and supervised by the Finance/Business Manager.

A copy is obtained and kept on the property file.

  1. Safe Handling and use of substances
  • The persons responsible for identifying all substances which need COSHH assessment are the Health and Safety Officer and committee. (Control of substances hazardous to health)
  • The person responsible for undertaking COSHH assessments is the Finance/Business Manager. · The person responsible for ensuring that all actions identified in the COSHH assessments are implemented is the Finance/Business Manager.
  • The persons responsible for ensuring that all relevant employees are informed about the COSHH assessments are the Health and Safety Officers.
  • The persons responsible for checking that new substances can be used safely before they are purchased are the Health and Safety Officers.
  • COSHH assessments will be reviewed every 12 months or when the work activity changes, whichever is the shortest.
  1. Food and Beverage – provision and supervision
  • No food is prepared on the premises, so it is not necessary for the Pallman Ltd to be registered with the Health and Safety Inspectorate.
  • A sandwich seller comes to the business park building every day to sell snacks which are prepared by Sandwich Company.
  • All staff can bring in their own food for their personal consumption and keep it in the fridge in the staff rooms.

Spillages All spillages should be reported to a member of staff and cleared up immediately. Tea/coffee spillages should be cleaned up using the paper towels provided. The area should then be cleaned using hand spray (Dettol) and a cloth. Dry the area with a paper towel. Toner/ink cartridge spillages should be cleared as best as possible using a dustpan and brush and the remainder removed using a vacuum cleaner. Dispose of the residue in a sealed plastic bag and wash hands thoroughly. Every member of staff has the responsibility to clear these types of spillages. For spillages of bodily fluids, please see the First Aid policy – a qualified first aider is responsible for dealing with these types of spillages.

  1. Staff training and competency
  • Health and Safety induction training is provided for all new employees by the Health and Safety Officers in Pallman Ltd. New Employees are asked to sign a Health and Safety induction Form. The master copy is saved on the S:/Policies and Procedures Masters/ Staff Health and Safety Induction Form. This form is then kept with the employees’ records by the Finance/Business Manager or Vice Principal.
  • Job specific health and safety training will be provided by line managers.
  • Jobs requiring specific training are admin staff (use of computers/lifting heavy items/disposal of toner), social activity leaders (awareness of risk assessments and procedures).
  1. Accidents, first aid and work-related ill health
  • First aid boxes and accident books are kept in the admin offices in Pallman Ltd
  • The appointed First Aiders are: First Aiders attend first aid refresher courses annually.
  • The appointed First Aiders are responsible for keeping the First Aid boxes stocked.
  • NB: First Aiders are not legally permitted to give any medication to anyone.
  • To encourage good hygiene practice, ‘Bin it’ posters are displayed in every working environment. Tissues and disinfectant gel are provided in the staff rooms.
  • Emergency contacts for employees are recorded on the Pallman Ltd database and for staff are kept in the Health and Safety Files in all Pallman Ltd buildings.
  • All accident and cases of work-related ill health are recorded in the accident report forms which are kept locked away in both the offices. The accident forms are pre-printed forms.
  • The person responsible for reporting accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences to the enforcing authority is the Principal.
  • See our First Aid Policy for more information. Records of these checks are kept with the regular Fire Safety checks.
  • The First Aiders receive basic defibrillator training as part of their regular first aid training with St John’s Ambulance.
  1. Disability
  • Bearing in mind the Disability Discrimination Act (1st October 2004), the Pallman Ltd will do everything it reasonably can do to meet the requirements and needs of staff, and visitors with any type of disability.
  1. Monitoring
  • To check our working conditions and ensure our safe working practices are being followed, we will carry out random health and safety inspections, have reports regarding health and safety submitted by staff when appropriate, investigate any accidents that occur when deemed necessary by the Principal and the Finance/Business Manager and investigate any work related sickness that occurs.
  • The persons responsible for investigating accidents are the Principal and the Finance/Business Manager.
  • The persons responsible for investigating work-related causes of sickness absences are the Principal and the Finance/Business Manager.
  • The persons responsible for acting on investigation findings to prevent recurrence are the Principal and the Finance/Business Manager.


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